Water jetting cameras

The advantages of our water jetting camera systems are higher ranges and a better inspection result with pipe cleaning at the same time. If you combine a high pressure water jet unit with our RiMaxio® or the RiCubio® Fluid, you can inspect pipe diameters from DN 50 – 300 (ID 2’’ – 12’’). Test the ease of operation and the excellent results for yourself



  • Max. length of cable: 60 m
  • DN 50 - DN 200

RiCubio® Fluid

  • Max. length of cable: 120 m
  • DN 50 - DN 300

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Our water jetting cameras in use

icon-pipe-white Area of application of RiMaxio®

With our water jetting cameras, efficient cleaning and professional inspection of pipes is possible. Our RiMaxio® enables controlled, effective pipe cleaning and inspection inside and outside buildings, starting from an inspection opening. It can also be easily steered at the push of a button using high water pressure. Comfortable and efficient.

icon-pipe-white Area of application of RiCubio® Fluid

For all those who want to combine a complete inspection with a very high coverage. With the RiCubio® Fluid you can do just that and clean the pipe system at the same time. This saves time and effort.


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RiSat Fluid - very high range

Easy inspection of branched connection ducts and property drainage systems from the main channel. Particularly practical and quick to install as an inbuilt module in an inspection vehicle or in a combi vehicle equipped with high-pressure flushing technology.

Product advantages:
  • Operating range DN 200 - 800 (ID 8" - 32")
  • Cleaning and inspection with only one device
  • Time saving work
Product details

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Frequently asked questions from our customers about water jetting cameras

What range do the water jetting systems have?

Our RiMaxio® has a cable length of 60 m. RiCubio® Fluid even 120 m are possible.

How does a water jetting camera work?

The camera is flushed in by means of high pressure water, conveniently at the touch of a button.

How can I steer such a camera?

Steering and turning of the camera is also possible via the nozzles using high pressure water, simply by pressing a button. This eliminates the need for complicated hose twisting when turning.

Is there a good camera image despite water jetting in?

A very good camera image is produced with the RiCubio® Fluid, for example. The advance and cleaning nozzles are mounted in such a way that they do not interfere with the camera image. Convince yourself and arrange a demonstration appointment without any obligation: 08374-240600.

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