12.3" Tablet

The PC unit can be easily installed on a Ritec reel system. A combination with other camera systems is possible via BNC input. Suitable of all RiCubio®-systems and RiDrive Mobile.


  • Sunlight-readable 12.3" tablet
  • Robust metal housing with sun protection shield and transport protection
  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • USB port
  • Additional video-in socket via BNC connection
  • Touchpen
  • Hard shell case for safe storage
  • Fixing for mounting on Ritec reel system
  • Path length transfer to RiCursus duct recording software

accessory (optional)

  • RiCursus® Record - sewer documentation software (available for German-speaking regions only)
  • Power supply unit (external power supply)
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