30 years of Ritec - Our wish is to give something back

The Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP has set itself the task of supporting education.
With the help of donations, schools are built in developing and emerging countries.
Helping children to have a better future through education is one of Reiner Meutsch's humanitarian projects that we would like to support.

It all started with an adventurous journey. About 12 years ago, Reiner Meutsch had the vision of flying once around the world in his small airplane. It was an adventure, humanitarian project and passionate wish for him at the same time. At that time, he had five charity projects on board. They were the start of a long-term educational campaign by his foundation.


What is Fly & Help?

The Reiner Meutsch Foundation Fly & Help builds schools in developing countries worldwide. Reiner Meutsch has made it his life's mission to provide schooling for children in developing countries, as school education is the basis for an independent and self-determined life. Those who have learned to read and write can form their own opinions and can support their country on the path to a better future.

The foundation works transparently and discloses all figures and annual reports on its homepage.

Interesting information and examples of the school projects can be found in this flyer.

fly & help school in africa

Ritec donates for each camera system

For all orders received from 01-01-2022 to 31-12-2024 we will donate for each complete camera system:

  • for case systems & analog push systems € 25,00
  • for RiCubio® systems and the RiMaxio® € 100,00
  • for crawler systems and the RiDrive Mobile € 200,00
  • for vehicle fittings or vacuum and flushing vehicles - all camera systems included € 500,00

We have made it our goal to fund and support an entire school construction project.


Eligibility criteria: Sustainability, transparency and trust

Reliable, safe and transparent use of funds is the basis for donors' trust in the Foundation's work. Therefore, the work is done exclusively by partner organizations on site that have already gained experience over many years and constantly monitor the construction work.

The projects funded by FLY & HELP are subject to strict selection criteria:

  • The foundation employees personally research, check and select the projects worthy of support.
  • Each project has a trusted person on site.
  • The progress of the construction work must be regularly documented in project reports.
  • The project-related use of the donations must be disclosed on an ongoing basis.
  • The projects are based on the basic idea of "helping people to help themselves“.
  • Sustainability must be guaranteed (e.g. state recognition and financing of teachers' salaries).

It is important to Reiner Meutsch to visit the funded projects in person and to see for himself the progress of construction or to inaugurate the schools. He also uses the trips as an opportunity to check out other projects worthy of funding.


How does the donation system work?

Through support and donations, FLY & HELP can provide many children around the world with a better education. Every cent donated goes exclusively to the projects.

FLY & HELP forwards all incoming funds in full. Without deduction of administrative, advertising or organizational costs. This is because Reiner Meutsch bears all costs privately or they are covered by sponsors.

At the same time, the foundation verifies the proper use of the donations. It works exclusively with reputable organizations in the local countries.

You too can help and give children a future!

You are more than welcome to donate directly to the donation account we have set up at Fly & Help. To do so, please state the password "Ritec-Schule" in the reason for payment. If you donate to Fly & Help with the password Ritec-Schule, your name, the date of the donation and your donation amount will be passed on to us (on request) by Fly & Help.

Donation account:
Stiftung FLY & HELP
Westerwald Bank eG
IBAN: DE94 5739 1800 0000 0055 50

Intended use: Ritec-Schule
Intended use 2: Address of the donor in order to be able to issue a donation receipt (for donations of 50 euros or more).

The notice of exemption of the foundation and further data can be found here.

Schoolprojects have already been realised in 55 countries.

Your donation is received 1:1.
All costs incurred are covered privately by Reiner Meutsch or by sponsors.

Over 680 school projects realised so far.

130.000 happy school children

Current data from January 18, 2023

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